In this world of modern technology, both the kids and adults are enjoying playing flash games. Let us check how we can increase the performance of online flash games like "Friv". You can play hundreds of flash games from or from other similar websites.

The first thing you have to do is use Google Chrome browser for a flash game. It is the best browser in the case of flash games than any of the other browsers. Or else, you can use Firefox which is also giving better performance.Another thing you have to remember is to set the Flash player website storage settings to 10mb at least.

Another technique to improve the performance is if there are any additional plugins in your browser, just disable them.You can easily do this in Google Chrome by just going to the settings button, select "Tools," select "Extensions" and then just uncheck the "enabled" on whatever extensions which you want to disable.

If there are any unnecessary features of Chrome, you can remove that also for improving the performance. You should also turn off the DNS Preload if you are using a slow connection or mobile. For disabling this, you have to click on the settings button that you can see on the top right of your Google Chrome browser. Then scroll down and see the Show advanced settings, click on it and below you can see the Privacy button.You have to uncheck the first two boxes.

If there are any other functions, which are not using by you, then you can disable that also.Another thing you have to disable is logging. By removing the logging option, you can save a lot of space in your system.Next thing you have to turn off is the metrics system. This option is used by Google itself, and we don't require it for any use, so better remove this option for enjoying your flash game with perfection.

 As you already disabled the metrics system, then you can eliminate the metrics reporting also which is of no use now. Let us see how to disable these functions. For disabling the functions, you have to go to your desktop and right click on the Google Chrome icon. Then select properties and shortcut tab. Then by clicking inside of the text box provided beside the target and add, disable logging- disable metrics system- disable metrics reporting at the END with double quotes.